Orange Cubes with Chocolate sauce

   For the dough: 150 g white sugar 4 eggs 100 g olive oil 200 g orange juice 5 g grated orange zest 200 g flower 1 small sachet of baking powder (16 [...]

Scimudin Crème Brûlée

  Ingredients 400 g cream 150 g scimudin cheese, cleaned of its rind 125 g egg yolks 15 g rice starch 3 g salt Dissolve the rice starch in the cream and [...]

Risotto with Red Apple

  Ingredients for 4 persons 280 g Carnaroli rice 150 g white wine 100 g red apples from Valtellina 100 g grated parmesan cheese  80 g apple juice from Valtellina with no sugar [...]